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Trying to Dance

24 Oct

Yesterday Minnesota Public Radio aired an interview with me about what it’s like to live after ending cancer treatment.



As I alluded to in the interview, I received a card from my godmother Ann a few weeks ago that read, “’What now?’ he asked. “Well… I think it would be a good idea if we danced.” That’s exactly how I feel. When there’s just no place else to go, sometime I think it’s okay to kick up your heels and waltz through what you have left.

I’m trying to do that, but it has been hard. I don’t want to make all of this sound easy, because it’s not. My blood counts get so dangerously low that I’m dragging my feet. In a slow dance with Jimmy at a wedding a few weeks ago I cried with fulfillment – and then sadness and anger – that I really love my life. I don’t want it to end. It seems so far away that sometimes I think it won’t happen. For me, I think it’s best to act like it.

Here’s a link to the interview.

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