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It’s Her!

7 Jun

It’s her! My donor! My long-awaited perfect match, Maxine.

Mayo Clinic called me yesterday and, with a simple email, a girl named Maxine’s contact information was spelled out before me like any other name in my address book. Along with her info was a letter saying she had left for India in May and would be on the other side of the world from me for a month. 

Of course I couldn’t help but dive right into some dedicated Facebook and Twitter stalking. “M-a-x-i-n-e,” I typed into the blue box, enamored by the character of her name. A picture of a young woman peered back at me through her super-sized sunglasses. I immediately began sobbing, struck back to a year ago when they said a stranger would let me assume her DNA and grow it in my hones. I didn’t expect such a reaction but I guess I was just overcome with joy. Or, since I have never been able to cry at appropriate emotional times (but will cry during Farther of the Bride or when I hit a squirrel with my car), maybe it’s her bone marrow slowly bringing the right life back into me. She said she cries over emotions all the time.

I soon realized we share so many interests – she loves the Backstreet Boys and could apparently give me a run for my money in a 90s sing-off. One of her favorite books is Walden. Her family means everything to her. She studies marketing communications as a junior at Emerson College in Boston, the school I begged my parents to let me visit in my dreamy college-searching days. They knew I was romantically confusing Ralph Waldo Emerson with the school and told me to stick to the Midwest (which admittedly was practical, considering I had just finished chemo two weeks before college).

Be The Match asked if we could possibly wait until their national conference in November to meet in person. Although neither of us felt like we could linger any longer, the opportunity means that our families will be included in our meeting, too. Plus we can share our run-and-embrace with the employees of an organization that has become like family to us, too (check out her stellar performance as woman #1 in this Be The Match-Rhode Island video). So we agreed to wait and will swoon over Skype dates until November.


This morning she posted a photo of her at the Taj Mahal. Later she happened to unearth enough WiFi at an eighteenth century Indian palace to email me again. Although she’s still so far away, her incredible altruism for a stranger has never felt so intimate and humbling. I can’t wait to discover more about her.

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